The Centre

The BrainEnhance cognitive training centre is situated in Newlands, Cape Town. We offer licensed BrainRx cognitive assessment and training programs in a one-on-one coaching environment.

What is brain training?

Scientists used to think that we were born with certain brain abilities that could not be improved. Today we know that this is completely inaccurate. Cognitive skills are the core brain skills that make up IQ and determine how well we think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention. If even one skill isn’t pulling its weight, it can keep your brain from fully grasping and processing information. This leads to challenges in school, work, and life.

At BrainEnhance, we identify the weak cognitive skills causing the struggle, and then we target and strengthen those skills. We can also aid cognitive development in children from an early age, ideally starting at around 8.

Our business is founded on the science of Neuroplasticity: the brain’s lifelong ability to grow and change no matter how old you are. This means that the way you think, learn, pay attention – even your IQ – is not set in stone, but can be changed and improved.